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Dr. John Sachtouras

Founder & CEO


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John Sachtouras - CEO

Dr. John Sachtouras is a dynamic entrepreneur, multi-lingual marketing strategist, with more than four decades of solid and diverse professional experience in the areas of business development, principles of leadership and teamwork.

He owned, managed, and consulted for multi-million dollar businesses in the USA and Latin America, responsible for daily operations, corporate restructuring, and strategic planning.

Consulted a number of private multi-million-dollar mid-size companies and a nationwide franchise corporation in the areas of marketing, sales, corporate re-structure, e-commerce, market expansion, and management growth with exceptional results. Conducted sales and training seminars throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. He was the founder of various training seminars for personal development and leadership since 2002 and conducted thousands of business presentations and training around the world.

During his thirty-plus years in network marketing, John has applied his experience, knowledge, and strategies to building organizations of more than one million distributors all over the world, producing well over a billion dollars in total revenue! His results earned him a great personal and professional success, and he made history in the industry of network marketing. He is known as one of the most dynamic and influential leaders, with some of the most significant organization growth on record!

During the last several years he has received high accolades from his guest lectures at Universities, has been interviewed by many international TV programs, and has been a contributing writer in various magazines.

His success is attributed to incredible persistence, and a laser-like focus mentality, and years of diligent work and ongoing self-development, and most importantly, his NEVER GIVING UP attitude.

Under John’s leadership, ASCIRA is radically transforming how people connect with and consume personal and professional development content and get access to great rewards and discounts through online and e-commerce platforms.

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